IP Controller Power PCBA Electronic PCBAs Design

Short Description:

Linzhou designed IP control socket PCBA for American customers

This is a complete IP Telephone Controller power PCBA. It is a power supply board for IP telephone, it can provide the power for the IP telephone to work, and can charge the battery for the IP telephone. The main components of this board are: IC, SMD capacitor, SMD resistor, diode, inductor, etc.

Product Detail

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Product Features Introduction

● Remotely control equipment to start power work

●Device automatic remote restart ping function (or email status notification)

● Complete sequence of control output sockets (specific for special operating modes)

●Emergency power cut-off (special working mode definition)

● Equipment power monitoring and usage registration

● Equipment working temperature monitoring and data registration

● Using computer control system locally or remotely, can control personal use outlet

● Use a computer to control the system locally or remotely, and can control multiple dry contact sockets

● Set a limit warning to inform users by email (such as over-current/low voltage/over-temperature), etc.

●The control platform supports various communication protocol ports Crestron, AMX and any IP or RS-232

● Support Apple and Android phone APP

Place of Use

The VoIP Controller Power PCBA is most commonly used in residential and commercial VoIP systems. It is used to provide power to VoIP phones, routers, and other VoIP devices.

This IP Telephone Controller power PCBA can be used in IP telephone, VoIP telephone, IP PBX system, etc.

The Linzhou design scheme adopted by the finished product of the IP control socket is used in the picture display of the AC socket:

IP Power AC receptacle FG
IP controller power PCBAvvvvvvv-01 (4)


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