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A door controller PCB is a printed circuit board (PCB) that controls a door or gates to limit access to a specific area.The door controller PCB typically consists of a printed circuit board with integrated circuit (IC) components, including transistors, capacitors, resistors, and other components, Door controller PCB may also include additional features such as a keypad, sensors, relays, and other components, Door controller PCB is usually connected to an access control system, which allows users to control access to a specific area.

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● Universal AC 220V / 110V/50-60HZ

● 32-Bits MCU such as from STM32 ARM Cortex M3

● Digital LED display for operation status

● Max motor load 600VA

● It could be added Relays is from Omron and Tyco brands and replace MOSF for high power motor like as 1200VA

● Remoter control 315MHZ/433MHZ,

● Using the encoded encryption control for user

● With limit shutdown and 35s, 70s, 110s, 145s, 180s five-gear automatic delay shutdown (set to 145s when the product leaves the factory)

● It meet to FCC  EMC,  EMI

● It can used  difference places  such as  factory gate door ,parking door etc .

● Environmental conditions: temperature: -10 ―85℃

● Relative humidity:≤85%

Product Advantage

1. High Reliability: The door controller PCBA is designed with advanced technology and components to ensure reliable operation and long-term durability even in harsh conditions.

2. Easy Installation: The door controller PCBA is designed with easy-to-follow instruction and easy-to-install features.

3. Compact Size: The door controller PCBA is designed to be compact in size and fits easily in the smallest of spaces.

4. Cost-Effective: The door controller PCBA is designed to be cost-effective, saving you time and money.

5. Security: The door controller PCBA is designed to provide enhanced security and peace of mind.

General Introduction

A door controller PCBA is an electronic device used to control access to a door or other opening.The door controller PCBA is typically used in conjunction with a card access system or a biometric reader. It is designed to control access to a secure area, and may also be used to monitor activity in the area.

The door controller PCBA can be programmed to allow access to specific individuals or groups of individuals. It can also be programmed to provide time-limited access or to deny access to certain individuals or groups.

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