Drying power controller PCBA Pet intelligent drying box

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It is suitable for cats and small dogs; it should be placed in the living room, bedroom, balcony and other environments with good Wi-Fi signal.

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1. Intelligent drying. After starting up, the machine automatically and slowly heats up to a constant temperature of 39°, which is a comfortable and suitable temperature for pets.

2. Stereo wind. The bottom blows directly and the bottom side blows, and the pet's abdomen, back and hair roots can be blown.

3. Double-layer pet space. When the machine is idle, the pet mat on the top platform is also a pet space.

4. The urine collection tray at the bottom. The urine collection tray can be easily pulled out and put in from the bottom, and the urine pad inside the urine collection basin can absorb urine and remove odors.

Fragrance spray. During the drying process, the fragrant essential oils can be released at any time, making pet hair warm, fluffy and fragrant.

Product Specification

Specification type Technical name Performance parameters Remark

Main Functional Specifications

color Ivory white
capacity 60L Can accommodate about 1 cat within 9 kg
Product size(mm) 502*442*467 L*W*H
Equipment Top entry for putting in and taking out pets, the large top platform can be used as a cat activity area
Urine pad(mm) 396*393*1.5 L*W*H
Urinary tray(mm) 402*399*64 L*W*H
Smart drying ① ①The device can be turned on and off② ②The default drying time is X minutes, the user can manually increase or decrease③ ③ Wind speed transitions from 1st gear to 3rd gear④ ④ After the function is enabled, the temperature will remain unchanged from the initial indoor temperature to 39°C. After the function is turned off, the temperature will drop from 39°C to the initial indoor temperature⑤ Negative ions are regularly released during the drying process to achieve the freshness of the internal air and the softness of pet hair. The negative ion concentration is 5X10^6PCS/CM³±10% The default drying time depends on the test resultsThe drying temperature depends on the test results
Ozone disinfection and deodorization ① The device side can be turned on and off② The disinfection time is X minutes, and the user cannot modify the time and wind speed gearNote: The hygienic standard for ozone in indoor air GB/T 18202-2000, this standard is expressed by time concentration, and the average maximum allowable concentration of 1h is 0.1mg/m³ The default disinfection time is determined according to the test effect
Wind speed adjustment There are 3 levels of wind speed. After the drying is turned on, it will gradually rise to the 3rd level and then remain unchanged② Use the knob on the device side to adjust the wind speed gear, rotate to the right to increase by 1 gear, and turn to the left to decrease by 1 gear Every time there is a pause.
time adjustment ① Adjust the time by means of the knob on the device side, turn it to the right to increase the time, and turn it to the left to decrease the time, the step length is 5 minutes, and there will be a sense of pause after each step.
key tone exist
pet request It is suitable for cats and small dogs, among which cats support less than 9kg, and dogs support less than 10kg.
fragrance spray ① Release about 10 seconds each time② The volume is about 5ml (need to set the volume) The number of times can be used depends on the test results; The release time depends on the test results
indicator light ① Wifi flashes quickly: distribution network status② Wifi normal: network normal status
Description of the oxygen content in the machine Oxygen concentration 21%
High temperature alarm It is an absolutely safe measure, and the high temperature alarm is 43 degrees
way of communication Support Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz, 802.11 b/g/n standard
device sharing support. Click "Shared Device" in the APP, enter the mobile phone number to be shared, and the sharing is successful
OTA firmware upgrade support

Electrical Specifications

Rated voltage 220V 50HZ
power interface non-pluggable
power cable 220V,16A
Ambient temperature and humidity -10°C ~ 40°C, 20%-100% humidity
Main motor rated input power 25W
Machine maximum power 890W
noise <50dBA

Key Material Specifications

body material ABS+PCSurface treatment: (skin texture)
Front transparent observation area PC
top transparent door PC

Quality Standard

Executive standard GB17625.1-2012;GB4343.1-2018;GB4706.1-2005;GB4706.15-2008
Product Warranty A year
Fan life (hours) 15000
High and low temperature test +55°C, 8h (power-on state) ~-25°C, 8h (power-on state)
Constant Humidity Test   +25℃, RH:45% 48h (power-on state) Packaged machine test
Vibration test 2~8Hz,7.5mm Packaged machine test
Unsteady Vibration (Shock Test) 8~200Hz, 20m/s2 5 frequency sweep cycles in each axial direction Packaged machine test
free drop test 2~10Hz, 30m2/s3 Packaged machine test
Antistatic test 10~200Hz, 3m2/s3 30 minutes in each direction Packaged machine test
degree of protection 300m/s2, 3 axes, 3 times each

Product Graphic

Drying  power controller PCBA  Pet intelligent drying box-01 (4)
Drying  power controller PCBA  Pet intelligent drying box-01 (5)

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